Monday, 30 June 2014

Graduation year

Summer 2014 is the period when all final year students will be graduating.  It will be the celebration of a lifetime.  It is going to be a memorable day shared with family and friends celebrating your journey of life so far.  I can’t wait.  I am going to live in the moment. 

I have a good idea as to what will happen on the day and where the graduates and guests can go for the various events throughout the day as I have already worked as an Award Ceremony Steward in the past.  It is going to be a great day where you can say your last goodbyes to some people and remember the good times we all shared together at university.

For all School of Engineering students, the graduation ceremony will be held in Medway at the Rochester Cathedral whereas students studying on other degree courses at the main campus in Greenwich will have their graduation ceremony in the Chapel at the main campus in Greenwich. 

Overall, graduation will be an experience no one will forget.  I definitely won’t forget my graduation as it has been a wait of a lifetime.  I am so happy that this will be my final year of study to obtain what I have been waiting for.  Since I was 4 years old, I’ve said to my parents that I want to go to university to understand more.  I think seeing adults in my life that have already been to university gave me the mind-set to want to go to university.  Perhaps you may think I’m a bit too eager about my graduation but I have already ordered my gown and bought my hat.  The hat will be kept with me throughout as a memory of one of my achievements in life.

I will be telling my grandchildren about it in the future.

I do hope my mum makes or gets me a nice graduation cake.  I’m sure she will because she knows what I like and most of all she knows me.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Back to Work

During the early stages of summer 2014 I will be working again in the Enquiry Unit and amongst the future 2014 Clearing Team whilst looking getting ready for my graduate job and preparing for my graduation and summer holiday.

This will be my last time working at the Enquiry Unit as I will be graduating in July 2014.

Working at the Enquiry Unit will be the same, with the same calm atmosphere but perhaps with a few new faces around.  I will have to wait and see. 

Before getting back to work, I will need to get back into the groove of everything as I have been away from the office for a few months due to my preparation of exams and the amount of project work I had to complete in my final year.

It is going to be a sad day when a lot of us final year students leave the Enquiry Unit and Clearing team to spread our wings.  As I have got a graduate job now, I will be leaving the Enquiry Unit soon and I will not be working in the Clearing team this year.  I am going to miss these jobs because they were so much fun to work in.  I do recommend working in either Enquiry Unit and/or the Clearing team.  I learnt a lot by working there and I was able to gain friends in the office which is always a bonus.  I guess it is almost time to move on now and spread my wings.  I knew working in the Enquiry Unit was not going to last forever as I need to start my career in the IT sector.  Anyway, I will miss everyone but I will not forget anyone. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Moving Back Home

What a wonderful three years of living away from home and gaining my independence and developing my maturity.  It has been really great.  Now, I feel like my own woman after having achieved a lot over the past three years of living away from home.  I have not had as much help from my parents when doing things and they have not been waiting on me hand and foot.  It is nice to have that sense of responsibility as it has shown me that I have become more mature and can be responsible as time progresses.

Now back to my blog about moving back home.  It is all great going back home to the parents but having to pack all my stuff from my temporary university accommodation back home is a killer.  Why did no one tell me not to bring half my wardrobe from home to my university accommodation?? Now I am struggling to get everything packed and ready to move out. 

Lucky I have nice friends to help me along the way and of course my mum and dad to help with the transportation of my belongings from my university accommodation back home.

It is not too much to pack now, only a suitcase and another big box left to pack now.  Everything else has been packed in.  A bit of cleaning of the university accommodation will need to be done then I will be complete.

I cannot wait to get back to the house and lay on my big, comfortable bed.  I missed my house and my room so much since I have been away living in my university accommodation. 

Bon Voyage to my university accommodation!!! 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Special Upcoming Event

The end of final year exams = The end of undergraduate study at university for me!!

That is going to be one of the greatest days for me.  I can go out and claim my freedom back.  No more studying and assignment hand-ins for a while.  The pressure and load will be lifted off my shoulders.

It will be a huge celebration for us (3rd year students) as we will all be relieved.

We might even have a party to celebrate or a gathering at a nice restaurant to say our goodbyes.  It will be a happy but also sad day to say goodbye to the people I have closely bonded with.  I know there will be tears shedding all around.

Also after the exams is my moving out day.  I will not have to be living away from home to attend university in Medway anymore.  I can go home to my loving parents and back in the company of my true best friends.

The last thing to do involving the university after the exams is the graduation ceremony in July.

Cannot wait till Graduation in July!!  It is going to be amazing!!  As I have worked at the past 2 years of graduation ceremonies, I have the heads up on what the day consists of and how everything will be set up and run.  I will know what to do, where to go to collect the tickets and the gown as well as take the pictures and where my family will need to sit during the ceremony.  It is going to be a blast.

The Final Exams

Soon to take place are the exams for us university students.  May is always the time for us students to sit our exams whether in university, college or school, the exam period is the same right across the education system within England as far as I know.  In a way, I cannot wait to get them over and done with but still I know that after the exams will be a new step in my life to journey forward.

These exams are the most important exams that I will have to do right now as there is no turning back from them.  This year there are three exams spread across a three week period.  After the exams that is the last for us third year students.  There is no turning back the clock or anything like that.  It will be over in a flash.

We have all been warned so now I am warning you as well that, there is only one resit in August and you will have to wait to graduate in October instead of attending the graduation in July like everyone else.  It will only happen to you if you do badly in the exams.  It is like another chance for you to redo your exam(s) but the disadvantage of this is you will miss one of the most important days for you in July at the graduation ceremony where all your other classmates will be.  You have been warned.

Have a good exam.  Take care everyone.

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Low-Down (The 4-1-1)

I guess you’re here to get the scoop on what’s happening right about now at university as there are only a couple months left for us uni students to finish the academic year.  Well as you can expect there is more work to complete and also exams that are drawing nearer therefore, the revision period has started.

Now, let’s get on to talk of the topic that brought you here, “The Low-Down (The 4-1-1)”.  Just recently, the Drill Hall library in Medway, Kent has become a 24 hour library for all students.  That is such great news for us students down here.  We now have the same privilege as the Greenwich campus students to study till the early hours of the morning NON-STOP!

It is good because when you can’t sleep, you know you can always pop off to the library to get some work or revision done if you prefer to do work at the library instead of staying at home.  Also the advantages of have the 24 hour library are, you can go home, shower, eat, take a nap then go back to the library at any time you want to do some more work or revision in a nice, calm and peaceful environment/atmosphere.

 Believe me, the late/early hours of the morning at the library are good because you have time to yourself and hardly anyone there to distract you.  There is also an extension to the Silent Zone for students that like to do work in silence with no distractions around.  I personally prefer the silent zone because there are no people having OTT (Over the Top) conversations and causing a commotion.  I feel free to do my independent studies in peace.

Talking of the library, I should be heading there now to continue with my studies!

I’m off girls and boys, see you perhaps in the library revising hard for the upcoming exams.

Take care when coming to and from the library. Watch this space!

#24 Hour Library (Trending twit!) 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Final Presentation

So as everything is drawing to an end at university, there are only a few things left to just before the final exams.  They are to submit the assignments and projects, and last but not least present the outcome from the assignments and projects produced. 

There has been quite a few presentations and demonstrations taken place in this year.  Already I have had at least four including my last uni group demonstration/ presentation that took place last week on April Fool’s Day which did not go down so well.  It was a nightmare because of one member of the team destroying the presentation, but “what can I say?”    

The group has now learnt never to be in contact with one person from the group.  We all thought it must have been an April Fool’s joke playing on all of us for the whole presentation to end up being a disaster.  It had been a learning experience and I am so glad I will not have to work with that one person again.  It so happened that the groups were chosen for us therefore it was against my will to work with the members of the group that I did.  If I had my way, I would have not worked with that one person that ruined everything for all of us.

Anyway, the final presentation for Year 3 student like myself is for the Final Year Project (FYP) that is coming up very soon.  This will officially be the last presentation I will have to do in this university ever again.  It is a poster presentation allowing us to talk about our projects that we did individually. 

I only hope that everyone has a good presentation.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Loads to do in such little time

Hi guys and girls, guess what I’ve been up to recently?
Guess first, then I’ll tell you.

Done guessing?

Now I can tell you…I’ve been swamped with university work!!!

Did you guess right?

I’m sure you did. 

University is drawing to a near end for us third year students it is a scary feeling but there is still loads to do before that day comes.  Assignments, presentations, group projects and interviews are all things that have just started quite recently at such a late stage in the year but still the lecturers are hopeful that all these tasks will be done on time.  They have now set the deadlines for majority of these tasks to be handed in on one day.  This is a nightmare and it is not fair to get everything in on that one day of submission.

What is happening this final year? I have no idea.  There’s still so much to do at university to fulfil the monies worth.  The assignments being due in all on one date means that my life is dedicated to each of them equally.  There is no more freedom for me, well not until the end of university.

I cannot wait till the load of work is reduced and I will not have to deal with any of them again.  That will be a joyous day for me.  I need to get crackling on my work again now so I’m going.  The secret to keeping on track is “Time Management”.

Thank you for your interest and support by reading this blog.  Please continue to follow and read my previous and new blogs to come.  You can leave me a message below if you have any questions.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great day!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mock Interview

Has anyone had a mock interview before that would like to share your experience with us? Then please feel free to post your interview experience(s) in the comments message box below.

I just had my mock interview at university today.  It was a compulsory interview that all School of Engineering students have to do in third year.   It was a good experience because the interview is for a real job and at the end the panel give you feedback about how well you did and what areas need to be improved upon.

I have had experience in a couple of interviews for jobs for example: working at the Enquiry Unit at university.  I don’t mind interviews as it is a part of the application process where you as an interview candidate can express yourself verbally in front of perhaps a panel of three or five interviewers.

Today’s interview went well.  There was a panel of three interviewers that conducted the interview with me today.  Before the interview commenced, I was quite nervous because I did not know what would happen and what questions they were going to ask.  Once in the interview room, it first felt a bit edgy as I needed to relax and be comfortable being in front of people I have never met on a personal face-to-face level before.  As I gradually got settled in the interview, my confidence shined through and the interview did not seem as bad as I thought it would be.

My advice to all of you that have an interview coming up, please go to GET or a careers advice as they are the best people to help prepare you for interviews by going through questions and answers, interview dress code, appearance and impressions etc. and applying for jobs.  I went to the university’s provided student services for career support to help me with the whole process from applications, CVs, cover letters to the actual interview.  The GET employees offer workshops for students to attend that will be relevant for the future job opportunities.

Find what is best for you and how you can handle yourself at interviews and other assessment methods.  The best thing that I like to do is prepare myself beforehand so I am not stuck on the day of the interview and I know what I want to say to impress the interviewer(s).

I hope this information helped those of you that need it.  Please don’t forget to share your interview experiences here in the message box below.  It will be very helpful for all of us even me.  We can all learn from each other here so let’s start today.

Thank you all for reading.

Have a brilliant week and all the best in your interview preparations.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day

Shopping for presents, booking restaurants, planning surprises and providing extra care and treatment all make up this one day to show someone you love how much you appreciate them.   I hope this Valentine’s Day will be a great one for you.

My friend the other day said to me that Valentine’s Day is every day you share with the special someone you love.  That is very true.  I cannot fault that statement.  That is what most people believe is the truth.  I believe that too however, I also believe that this day is slightly special and significant as it is a popular day that we all share around the world. 

I find that the hardest thing to think about on this special day is the preparation, the presents you buy for the one you love and finding the best surprise that will make him or her not forget the day for a long time.

What is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?

I wonder what the university societies have planned this year.  I remember in both first and second year, there was an event calling all singles (males and females) to participate in the universities “Take Me Out” production. It was funny and great entertainment but a good dating service provider. Haha

Valentine’s Day is for everyone so share your love with someone on this day.

 Thank you everyone for the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you share it with someone you either like or love.  This person or people can be family, friends or your partner even your pet.  Whoever you spend the day with, please do not spend it alone.  Show your affection.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2nd Term of Final Year

This term deserves pure dedication.  A lot of work and studying is required this term.  It is very crucial that I am on top of all my work and studies as these all mount up to a significant moment in the year.  Presentations, exams, group projects, final year project all need to be on point at a high standard.   I have set myself goals to work towards and achieve.  I hope this term will be a great one for me.  The new term shall project how well I am developing on my course and identify any changes that need to be made in order for me to work at the best of my ability.  Improvements is always a good way to proceed forward in life. 

Being stuck on something for a long time and not doing anything about it, is not good neither is it healthy for a person.  Rising to the challenge is always the best.  Whether you succeed or not, perhaps it will be a learning curve for you to know what to do next time and gives you an idea how to do better or improve in the future.

In the first term of my final year on the management and communications course, all students on that course had to write a reflective journal similar to a diary.  These reflective journals had to be done weekly.  They had to show that you have done a reflection on events that has happened in the past.  Furthermore, a discussion on how you have dealt with the problems that may have occurred and what you will do as future preparation if the event occurred again had to be mentioned.  The second term does not require the reflective journals now but it is still a good idea to continue so you can reflect on your life progress to analyse where you are now in life and where you were before.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Time Flies

For people like myself who started university at the same time as me and has progressed on a full-time three year course, then you will know the greatest but also sadness news I am about to share.  This year, 2014, means there will be a graduation for us in summer 2014.  It is only a matter of time left now for the 3rd year students (including myself) to finish their undergraduate degree course and graduate.  Can you believe it?  I have been in university for almost three full years but to be honest it feels like two years.

I had to ask myself the other day, where did the time go?

Over the years, a lot has been accomplished.  A good education, gain of knowledge that not only resulting academically but also socially and professionally.  The skills developed are a great help for me to take into industry.  Overall, I can say I have enjoyed my university life and will miss it especially the friendships I have made and the close bonding connections I have with a couple of people.

I remember being back in Year one when everyone was getting to know each other.  Then Year two, relationships/friendships blossomed and still to this day there is a growth.

It does seem that time is flying by a little bit quick therefore, we all need to be on-board with what we want to achieve before the end of university and after university.  Do not let the time pass you by.

I will be here whenever you need to chat.  If you have any request or issues you would like me to address or blog about please do not hesitate to ask me by leaving a comment or message below.

Thank you

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new year.  We've made it.  I do hope the New Year brings good things in each of your lives.  The New Year will mean a lot to people.  Different events might be happening which you may or may not have already planned.  Perhaps events like a holiday or starting work etc.  These all mount up to a significant time in the year.  Whatever it is, I hope you have a great time.  The New Year shall be a change for you.  Improvements on whatever happened in 2013 and can take effect in this year.  If there were problems you were facing in 2013 that you could not change, then now in this year, you have the opportunity to make those changes.

The New Year can mean a lot.  It is a new academic term start for all university students and others in education.  It is a time when people set a goal such as a NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION which helps with the changes that individuals would like to make in the New Year.

Just a quick show of hands, how many people have already broken their NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION?  I see one, two, three…   Not to worry, we all do it.  I am not here to judge.  Hopefully, you can retry and this time perhaps stick to it and be stricter on yourself.

I do hope you have reflected on the past and have decided what you want to do differently and/or keep the same from 2013 into 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!