Monday, 19 May 2014

The Final Exams

Soon to take place are the exams for us university students.  May is always the time for us students to sit our exams whether in university, college or school, the exam period is the same right across the education system within England as far as I know.  In a way, I cannot wait to get them over and done with but still I know that after the exams will be a new step in my life to journey forward.

These exams are the most important exams that I will have to do right now as there is no turning back from them.  This year there are three exams spread across a three week period.  After the exams that is the last for us third year students.  There is no turning back the clock or anything like that.  It will be over in a flash.

We have all been warned so now I am warning you as well that, there is only one resit in August and you will have to wait to graduate in October instead of attending the graduation in July like everyone else.  It will only happen to you if you do badly in the exams.  It is like another chance for you to redo your exam(s) but the disadvantage of this is you will miss one of the most important days for you in July at the graduation ceremony where all your other classmates will be.  You have been warned.

Have a good exam.  Take care everyone.

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