Monday, 19 May 2014

Special Upcoming Event

The end of final year exams = The end of undergraduate study at university for me!!

That is going to be one of the greatest days for me.  I can go out and claim my freedom back.  No more studying and assignment hand-ins for a while.  The pressure and load will be lifted off my shoulders.

It will be a huge celebration for us (3rd year students) as we will all be relieved.

We might even have a party to celebrate or a gathering at a nice restaurant to say our goodbyes.  It will be a happy but also sad day to say goodbye to the people I have closely bonded with.  I know there will be tears shedding all around.

Also after the exams is my moving out day.  I will not have to be living away from home to attend university in Medway anymore.  I can go home to my loving parents and back in the company of my true best friends.

The last thing to do involving the university after the exams is the graduation ceremony in July.

Cannot wait till Graduation in July!!  It is going to be amazing!!  As I have worked at the past 2 years of graduation ceremonies, I have the heads up on what the day consists of and how everything will be set up and run.  I will know what to do, where to go to collect the tickets and the gown as well as take the pictures and where my family will need to sit during the ceremony.  It is going to be a blast.

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