Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Applying what you have learnt and Proceeding

When applying what you have learnt, do you sometimes think “oh no, what did I do again?” I have thought like that before, so you're not in the boat alone.  I guess it is a common sign of memory relapse.  Somehow, it is considered normal in some cases because many people have this happen to them almost all the time.  So there is no need to worry.  All we have to do is concentrate and focus on what is necessary.

Trust me; it is hard to keep everything in your head whilst dealing with other things.  I have a tip that may help some of you that have the occasional memory lapse.  Try to practice writing things down and memorising them.  For me to keep things in sometimes I have to write the important things down and make a list especially a things-to-do list or else I may forget.  This helps me immensely as it provides me with order and structure so I don't get lost or confused on certain things.  When I write things down in my own way and words, I have a better understanding and this improves my memory.  After this, I am then able to apply what I have learnt from my notes and do the practical actions without having to relate back to my notes or anything else again.  My notes allows me to process all what I have learnt and then store it all in my head which allows me to fully concentrate and focus on what needs to be done.

There are cool games that are available on web and mobile applications so please try them out.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Final Year Project

Perhaps some of you are wondering what is happening with the Final Year Project, well for all my lovely wondering people, I can officially say the final year project is awesome.

The awesomeness of it is the different aspects it provides and the process in which you have to go through to get the end product.  Whenever you start a project, you have to already have a thought or idea in your mind of what you want to do and what you expect to achieve at the end.  The most important thing that is considered when starting the project is the start and end times and how much time you have for each part of the development of your idea.  The first stage of the project is to propose your system or idea of the system that you want to either research on or develop.  I know a few people that are developing systems and others that are just doing research on existing systems and trying to develop/ enhance on them.  Either way, the whole project idea is cool as it allows you to think, research and develop every little bit of the proposed system.  There is always something to develop when it comes to these sorts of projects.  Along with proposing the idea you have come up with, you also have to plan or schedule of the duration of the project.  This should be thought of before the start of the proposal but continued during the thought process of the proposed system or idea.

The good news is I have completed my Proposal Report, submitted and now on the Analysis phase of the project. I can’t wait to get to the design and development stage of the project because that is going to be an accomplishment in my eyes.