Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Back to Work

During the early stages of summer 2014 I will be working again in the Enquiry Unit and amongst the future 2014 Clearing Team whilst looking getting ready for my graduate job and preparing for my graduation and summer holiday.

This will be my last time working at the Enquiry Unit as I will be graduating in July 2014.

Working at the Enquiry Unit will be the same, with the same calm atmosphere but perhaps with a few new faces around.  I will have to wait and see. 

Before getting back to work, I will need to get back into the groove of everything as I have been away from the office for a few months due to my preparation of exams and the amount of project work I had to complete in my final year.

It is going to be a sad day when a lot of us final year students leave the Enquiry Unit and Clearing team to spread our wings.  As I have got a graduate job now, I will be leaving the Enquiry Unit soon and I will not be working in the Clearing team this year.  I am going to miss these jobs because they were so much fun to work in.  I do recommend working in either Enquiry Unit and/or the Clearing team.  I learnt a lot by working there and I was able to gain friends in the office which is always a bonus.  I guess it is almost time to move on now and spread my wings.  I knew working in the Enquiry Unit was not going to last forever as I need to start my career in the IT sector.  Anyway, I will miss everyone but I will not forget anyone. 

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