Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Loads to do in such little time

Hi guys and girls, guess what I’ve been up to recently?
Guess first, then I’ll tell you.

Done guessing?

Now I can tell you…I’ve been swamped with university work!!!

Did you guess right?

I’m sure you did. 

University is drawing to a near end for us third year students it is a scary feeling but there is still loads to do before that day comes.  Assignments, presentations, group projects and interviews are all things that have just started quite recently at such a late stage in the year but still the lecturers are hopeful that all these tasks will be done on time.  They have now set the deadlines for majority of these tasks to be handed in on one day.  This is a nightmare and it is not fair to get everything in on that one day of submission.

What is happening this final year? I have no idea.  There’s still so much to do at university to fulfil the monies worth.  The assignments being due in all on one date means that my life is dedicated to each of them equally.  There is no more freedom for me, well not until the end of university.

I cannot wait till the load of work is reduced and I will not have to deal with any of them again.  That will be a joyous day for me.  I need to get crackling on my work again now so I’m going.  The secret to keeping on track is “Time Management”.

Thank you for your interest and support by reading this blog.  Please continue to follow and read my previous and new blogs to come.  You can leave me a message below if you have any questions.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great day!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mock Interview

Has anyone had a mock interview before that would like to share your experience with us? Then please feel free to post your interview experience(s) in the comments message box below.

I just had my mock interview at university today.  It was a compulsory interview that all School of Engineering students have to do in third year.   It was a good experience because the interview is for a real job and at the end the panel give you feedback about how well you did and what areas need to be improved upon.

I have had experience in a couple of interviews for jobs for example: working at the Enquiry Unit at university.  I don’t mind interviews as it is a part of the application process where you as an interview candidate can express yourself verbally in front of perhaps a panel of three or five interviewers.

Today’s interview went well.  There was a panel of three interviewers that conducted the interview with me today.  Before the interview commenced, I was quite nervous because I did not know what would happen and what questions they were going to ask.  Once in the interview room, it first felt a bit edgy as I needed to relax and be comfortable being in front of people I have never met on a personal face-to-face level before.  As I gradually got settled in the interview, my confidence shined through and the interview did not seem as bad as I thought it would be.

My advice to all of you that have an interview coming up, please go to GET or a careers advice as they are the best people to help prepare you for interviews by going through questions and answers, interview dress code, appearance and impressions etc. and applying for jobs.  I went to the university’s provided student services for career support to help me with the whole process from applications, CVs, cover letters to the actual interview.  The GET employees offer workshops for students to attend that will be relevant for the future job opportunities.

Find what is best for you and how you can handle yourself at interviews and other assessment methods.  The best thing that I like to do is prepare myself beforehand so I am not stuck on the day of the interview and I know what I want to say to impress the interviewer(s).

I hope this information helped those of you that need it.  Please don’t forget to share your interview experiences here in the message box below.  It will be very helpful for all of us even me.  We can all learn from each other here so let’s start today.

Thank you all for reading.

Have a brilliant week and all the best in your interview preparations.