Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Another week, another assignment

At the moment the work load isn’t so bad. The routine nowadays feels like once you hand-in your completed current assignment, another one just appears straight after.  No break to relax, just work, work, and more work.  That is a main factor that has increased from first year studying on this course and now in second year.  Just to be honest, the work load has increased therefore the pressure has grown over time.  I am presently on target with my assignments.  I like to plan before starting my assignments as it gives me a clear picture as to what I need to do in order to complete the assignments in the best possible way I can.

At present, it is quite good to start assignments at the same time even if one is due later than the other.  It gives you a better balance for the completion of the assignments.

After completing my assignments, I like to relax and chill out with my friends.  One good, chillaxing place that is in the Medway area to go to is Dockside retail centre.  It is a place in Chatham that has restaurants, shops and a cinema!!!

It’s definitely one of my favourite places in Chatham.  It’s also close to the university so it’s good in the sense of convenience when you want a break or to treat yourself.

 One of my favourite things to do is shop!! So I take advantage of the little shops Dockside retail centre has.  My best friend and I love shopping.  It’s easier to get to compared to Bluewater.  Another favourite of mine is going to the cinema with my friends.  I have been having a bit of fun over the couple months at university. 

It wasn’t only doing work, I enjoyed myself after completing my assignments.  I went out with my best friends to the cinema to watch the new Bond movie – ‘Skyfall’.  That was a great movie.  It’s a must-see movie.  The couple weeks before that, we went to watch ‘Taken 2’.  The next movies to watch are: Argo, Twilight (Breaking Dawn: Part Two) and many more.  I just have to set my priorities first and get the work out of the way before I can commit to going to have fun.

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