Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Moving Back Home

What a wonderful three years of living away from home and gaining my independence and developing my maturity.  It has been really great.  Now, I feel like my own woman after having achieved a lot over the past three years of living away from home.  I have not had as much help from my parents when doing things and they have not been waiting on me hand and foot.  It is nice to have that sense of responsibility as it has shown me that I have become more mature and can be responsible as time progresses.

Now back to my blog about moving back home.  It is all great going back home to the parents but having to pack all my stuff from my temporary university accommodation back home is a killer.  Why did no one tell me not to bring half my wardrobe from home to my university accommodation?? Now I am struggling to get everything packed and ready to move out. 

Lucky I have nice friends to help me along the way and of course my mum and dad to help with the transportation of my belongings from my university accommodation back home.

It is not too much to pack now, only a suitcase and another big box left to pack now.  Everything else has been packed in.  A bit of cleaning of the university accommodation will need to be done then I will be complete.

I cannot wait to get back to the house and lay on my big, comfortable bed.  I missed my house and my room so much since I have been away living in my university accommodation. 

Bon Voyage to my university accommodation!!! 

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