Monday, 21 January 2013

New Year, New Term

The start of a new year and a start of a new term means there will be changes.  Tackling the changes might be a challenge but hopefully they can be dealt with.  Now like last year, the university work load is assured but it won’t get you down if it’s all done in good time.  Planning is key.  Everything that went wrong last term needs to be addressed and changed.  No more messing around because as my parents say, “Time and opportunity comes only once.  The time wasted will never come back”.  These words are so true.  It’s hard to say but they have a point and they know what they are talking about.  

Finishing university with a good degree is my ultimate goal and I am confident to achieve and succeed at this.  I have promised myself that I will not be easily distracted anymore and will be focused and concentrate on my work.  This is the only way to achieve and be successful.  I have a direct plan and I am starting to walk in the right direction from now en route to gain a very good degree.

As I walk forward on my journey to success, I am determined to push myself to get where I need to be by putting in all the hours and work I feel is more than enough.

The university work is very demanding which means there is no rest or days off.  My new saying in my head will be: Work, Work, Work!! 

Happy New Year 2013

2013 is here.  A New Year I am so happy to see.  Glad to be in a new year.  It is brilliant.  I have my friends and family by my side.  Hope everyone’s Christmas and New Years’ was a good celebration.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I had a nice relaxing and fun time with family and friends and also some alone time to reflect and get some university work done.  I can’t forget about doing university work.  It is very important and my ultimate main priority.

Thinking back in the end days of 2012, I kept asking myself the question …


These bullet points below are some of the things that I came up with

·        Put my work first
·        Achieve to the best of my ability
·        Persevere and never give up
·        Work hard at all times
·        No distractions
·        Concentrate on what is important
·        Enjoy life

It is all about building up a great future for yourself so why not start off the year with a bang.

Whatever happens this year, make it a good one.  Leave the past in the past; it’s time for a fresh start.  All the mistakes that were made last year are not to be repeated.  As humans, most of us learn from our mistakes and promise never to make them again.  If you’re like that then that’s great.  You can move on in life without thinking of past issues. 

The best advice I could give is focus on work and don’t waste time on unnecessary things.