Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day

Shopping for presents, booking restaurants, planning surprises and providing extra care and treatment all make up this one day to show someone you love how much you appreciate them.   I hope this Valentine’s Day will be a great one for you.

My friend the other day said to me that Valentine’s Day is every day you share with the special someone you love.  That is very true.  I cannot fault that statement.  That is what most people believe is the truth.  I believe that too however, I also believe that this day is slightly special and significant as it is a popular day that we all share around the world. 

I find that the hardest thing to think about on this special day is the preparation, the presents you buy for the one you love and finding the best surprise that will make him or her not forget the day for a long time.

What is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?

I wonder what the university societies have planned this year.  I remember in both first and second year, there was an event calling all singles (males and females) to participate in the universities “Take Me Out” production. It was funny and great entertainment but a good dating service provider. Haha

Valentine’s Day is for everyone so share your love with someone on this day.

 Thank you everyone for the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you share it with someone you either like or love.  This person or people can be family, friends or your partner even your pet.  Whoever you spend the day with, please do not spend it alone.  Show your affection.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2nd Term of Final Year

This term deserves pure dedication.  A lot of work and studying is required this term.  It is very crucial that I am on top of all my work and studies as these all mount up to a significant moment in the year.  Presentations, exams, group projects, final year project all need to be on point at a high standard.   I have set myself goals to work towards and achieve.  I hope this term will be a great one for me.  The new term shall project how well I am developing on my course and identify any changes that need to be made in order for me to work at the best of my ability.  Improvements is always a good way to proceed forward in life. 

Being stuck on something for a long time and not doing anything about it, is not good neither is it healthy for a person.  Rising to the challenge is always the best.  Whether you succeed or not, perhaps it will be a learning curve for you to know what to do next time and gives you an idea how to do better or improve in the future.

In the first term of my final year on the management and communications course, all students on that course had to write a reflective journal similar to a diary.  These reflective journals had to be done weekly.  They had to show that you have done a reflection on events that has happened in the past.  Furthermore, a discussion on how you have dealt with the problems that may have occurred and what you will do as future preparation if the event occurred again had to be mentioned.  The second term does not require the reflective journals now but it is still a good idea to continue so you can reflect on your life progress to analyse where you are now in life and where you were before.