Monday, 16 December 2013

Graduate Position

Graduate job positions are being advertised on company websites and job agencies therefore it is my advice to ALL THIRD YEAR STUDENTS to apply as soon as possible, as the job won’t wait for you.  The goal is for you to go for the job, wait, and see what happens.

I have had heard and also seen for myself that GET in university are conducting workshops to help you with interviews, CV and Cover Letter writing etc.  I have booked myself on the CV and Cover Letter workshop as well as the Interview techniques workshop which on both occasions I found very helpful.  From the workshops that I have attended, I can now apply what I have learnt from them to any job applications and interviews I get.

The university support students like us to do well and they also prepare us to go out there in the world to look for jobs and get jobs.  I believe that the services that are provided to us students should be taken advantage of because this will benefit each of you in the long run as well as the short run.  I have been informed that the services that are provided to students of the university are extended to graduates of the university for up until 2 years after graduating from the university.   This is for those of you that need more guidance and help in finding a job etc.

To be perfectly honest, just knowing there is only a few months left for us final year students seems unreal.  We’ll be in or looking for our ideal jobs or even furthering studies.  Whatever the path in which you take just remember the opportunity does not wait for you. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Raspberry Pi??

Have you heard of a Raspberry Pi? Not “Raspberry Pie”, “Raspberry Pi”.   Well if you’re an engineer then you should know what this is.  Of course, I am not talking about the food that people eat; which I personally detest but, that is just me.  I am actually talking about the engineering tool that is used by engineers. 

You can do loads with a Raspberry Pi.  It is quite a nifty tool if I must say so myself.

Just a couple weeks ago, I had to do a presentation of what I designed using my Raspberry Pi.  I developed a dynamic website for a bookstore.  It was quite easy to do once the work and knowledge began to flow.  The website did not need to be very over the top and technical.  It just needed to be a simple website showing different features which had been developed on it to make it user-friendly.  This was a part of an assignment in the Advance Hardware Systems course.  The good thing about it was you were able to share the workload by working in pairs.  The next assignment will be a group project with only 6 members allowed.  I am quite excited to know whom I will be working with and what the group and I decide to design and develop as a large system or software application.

I have always wanted to build a robot so perhaps I will get the chance to do that in this course using the Raspberry Pi.  Overall, to me, the course is going well because I like the incorporation of the practical aspects that it allows you to do.  It is quite like preparation for the real world of work when working on designing and developing new concepts/ideas.