Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Saying Positive

Many times, life can get you down but the only person to stop that is you.  By thinking and staying positive in every situation that you go through in your life, it will make your life at least five times better.  Regardless of the bad outcome, I am positive that the bad situations will turn around for good.  It is true and obvious that bad things happen in life, but that is just what happens.  It is your turn to change things around and see the bigger picture in all situations.  It is no good staying negative and being sad and depressed.  The best thing I can definitely recommend is to take some time out, relax, enjoy your life (even if it is not how you planned it to be right now), and be around people that will uplift you/ make you happy again.  In order for you to turn your bad situation around, you need to take action and control over it.  I am 100% sure that you will feel ten times better.  A difference will be seen in your life through other people’s eye.

My friends and I always say, “Be positive and positivity will reflect on the outside”.  That is one thing that I like to be, POSITIVE!!

Before I end this blog, these are my last few words to you today …

Stay positive
Be around positive people
Change how you see things
Change your mind-set
Think and look at the bigger picture

Life isn't that bad, I’m positive of that. J

                        If you do these few things, let me know how it works out for you.

Monday, 11 March 2013


In your second year, there will be a lot of challenges.  Some past engineer students I have spoken to have said their second year of the engineering course was the hardest year for them in terms of the work load and the demand the lecturers had on them.  I can see what these past engineer students were talking about.  No matter how organised and how early you start your assignments, other things come up at the same time.  Things such as tests, quizzes, and presentations are just additional methods lecturers use to assess how well you are doing on the course and where both you and the lecturer(s) can examine which areas you need to improve on.  In a way, they are beneficial for you to work hard but the fact that you have to revise for the tests and quizzes or prepare and present a presentation on top of having to do assignments is quite a lot of work to do for one person.  If you did not know this before, well now you know this is the pressure of university.  

The BEng Computer Systems and Software Engineering course has five modules.  Hardware being one module in particular that is not my best module of the course due to the fact that it is not so much in my interest.  Whereas, my other modules i.e. programming, database systems, software project management and UNIX systems modules are all modules I love.  Anything to do with project management, programming or database and I can tell you what you need to know.  These are my main modules of the course in which I look forward to during the week.

If you have any questions or advice needed, please feel free to leave them in the post comments area and I’ll get back to you.

Friday, 8 March 2013

The Key to Success (Part 1)

Success is such a powerful word.  The word “Success” means an accomplishment/ achievement of an aim or purpose.

Before I continue my views on success, I would like to ask you a question.


Do you know anyone that does not want to achieve and become successful (especially those at university)? Anyone? 

… I didn’t think so.  In life everyone goes through different aspects of success but before succeeding, challenges are faced along the way.  An example of success and an achievement for most people in life is to be at university.  This as well as receiving a really good degree; which is another achievement in itself, is the step before you start your successful career.  I am sure that a lot of effort and work went into your studying in order for you to get into university and also to complete your first, second and third years of university.

Key points to succeed are:

1.      Be motivated – self motivation is always good
2.      Be organised – organisation skills are required for anything and everything
3.      Plan ahead – set goals and work at them
4.      Know what you want out of life – only you can decide where your future lies

If you want to read more on “The Key to Success”, a part 2 is available.

Any questions on “The Key to Success” please feel free to post your comments and I will definitely get back to you with my response.  If not then, I hope you have taken away a valid message from this blog today.  Thank you for reading and please continue to do so on the next blogs to come.