Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Key to Success (Part 2)

Continuing on from the last blog on “The Key to Success”, this blog illustrates further ways to succeed and what needs to be done. 

Firstly, I ask you to examine yourself.  How do you feel with yourself?

Have you achieved what you wanted so far?

If the answer was NO to that question, then please do not worry yourself, hopefully my blog can help you to put you in the right direction.  It is almost like a manual or guide in how to succeed.  Everyone has set goals or desires; being either big or small, still they are recognised as desires that individuals have set for themselves to achieve. 

To start anything, you have to understand what you want.  Secondly, start with a master plan that needs to be set in stone.  Next, identify the components that are needed to develop and accomplish/ succeed this plan which needs to be evaluated.  This may even have the financial aspects of the situation which may be needed to be considered.  Once those elements have been discovered, carry out your own research and if necessary, ask for some useful advice from experienced people that are where you plan to be.  Taking these actions is to make sure the set plan is realistic for you.  It is very important to know this.  You cannot begin something that is not possible to do.  The truth hurts but it is for your own good.

Words from my friend corresponding to my blog on “The Key to Success”, she said and I quote, “Sometimes it takes something bad to happen for you to achieve the good”.  I believe this 90 percent. It is all about the decisions you make in life.  Hopeful you make the right ones.  However, if for some reason the decisions you made turn out wrong, all you need to do is get back up and try a different approach.  Stay positive! A positive person always wins.  A winner always has hope and faith to strive to do well in anything they put their mind to achieve and succeed.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy Days

As assignments are being handed in and the May examination timetable has been released, it means my second year is drawing to an end.  Reflecting on my second year at University of Greenwich, I can say it has been a great time spent in my second year.  I have never been worked so hard before in my life however, a lot has been learnt and I can take away a vast amount of information that will impact me on my career path.  Now I know I have the strength and ability to strive through tough times from just completing my second year at university.  Friendships have been made, relationships have grown, and respect has been obtained.  All in all, great things have happened throughout the year at this university.

With that in mind, a time of pleasure was on the cards after the pressure of doing university work therefore my bff and I decided to plan two nights for chilling.  There has been a few good movies that have been released in the cinema this time such as the new Bruce Willis movie: A Good Day To Die Hard, and Beautiful Creatures. So, we went off to watch Beautiful Creatures and on another night, we went to enjoy the new Die Hard movie.  On both occasions, I enjoyed myself thoroughly, had a good time at the movies, and felt good to finally spend some quality time with my bff just hanging out and having fun.  A Good Day To Die Hard was the movie we both wanted to see so, it was an absolute must!  In the end, the movie was good, the company was great, and the freedom was so sweet.  No guilt came, no pressure, just fun. 


Thursday, 4 April 2013

The strangest weather EVER!!

Winter conditions in Spring and Summer? How bizarre!  Not only is it cold and raining in Spring/ early days of Summer, it is also snowing.  Come on, SNOW in Summer is beyond me.  Only God can explain this. 

It is just a little TOO MUCH.  

The funniest thing that happened on the same day from one of my weather experiences was having the morning lecture cancelled because of the heavy snow fall but then have the afternoon lecture as planned because the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Still till this day, I cannot get my head around the fact that the snow was falling so heavily in the morning but by the afternoon, the snow disappeared and no one would have ever known it snowed heavily in the morning of the same day.  To me it is very, very bizarre!

One minute it is raining and windy, then snowing, then sunny, then raining again.  Ahh this is some crazy weather.  It’s not just me that thinks it is very hard to plan what to wear out.  You can experience all the seasons in one day when living in England.  Like most people say, “That’s the English weather for you”.  It is very unpredictable.  You can never know what to wear that will be ideal in the weather conditions.  I know that my mum always has a brolly with her in the bottom of her handbag wherever she goes.  I believe it has now become a habit for her to make sure there is an umbrella with her in whichever handbag she chooses to carry on her days out and about.  I should probably start doing that but I know that won’t happen.

Most times when I see a grey and dull day, I like to wrap up warm in my blanket, read a book or watch a home movie and enjoy the warmth rather than being outside in the cold and pouring rain. 

Can you blame me? I’m a summer baby.  The cold is not good for me.  I definitely prefer the sunshine and temperatures from warm to hot.