Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Final Presentation

So as everything is drawing to an end at university, there are only a few things left to just before the final exams.  They are to submit the assignments and projects, and last but not least present the outcome from the assignments and projects produced. 

There has been quite a few presentations and demonstrations taken place in this year.  Already I have had at least four including my last uni group demonstration/ presentation that took place last week on April Fool’s Day which did not go down so well.  It was a nightmare because of one member of the team destroying the presentation, but “what can I say?”    

The group has now learnt never to be in contact with one person from the group.  We all thought it must have been an April Fool’s joke playing on all of us for the whole presentation to end up being a disaster.  It had been a learning experience and I am so glad I will not have to work with that one person again.  It so happened that the groups were chosen for us therefore it was against my will to work with the members of the group that I did.  If I had my way, I would have not worked with that one person that ruined everything for all of us.

Anyway, the final presentation for Year 3 student like myself is for the Final Year Project (FYP) that is coming up very soon.  This will officially be the last presentation I will have to do in this university ever again.  It is a poster presentation allowing us to talk about our projects that we did individually. 

I only hope that everyone has a good presentation.

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