Friday, 28 September 2012

Back To Uni - First Week

Second year of my course meant a new start, preparation for learning and discovery of more new and interesting things.  I was looking forward to my first day back at university.  It was a good chance to see my friends at university; that I didn't get the chance to see over the long summer break as well as meet my new lecturers.  The lecturers and lectures as a whole seem really good and ambitious.  I definitely like that.  I believe I will get on well on this course.  Should be great to learn new things.

The day came, I was all excited.  Had a great feeling about being back at Medway and starting my second year on the Computer Systems and Software Engineering course.  In my head, it meant that I would only have one more year at university.  Moreover, as I planned to do the sandwich course, this meant I would be working on a one year placement/ internship at an IT/ Engineering or Consultancy firm next year for my third year then once that’s over I’ll return back to university to finish off my degree.

Now, back to my first days of my second year…  Already I am knowledgeable about what the course entails and what will be expected of me as a software engineering student.  There are a lot of projects and assignments both individually and team work to do this year which sounds like a lot of fun.  As you can probably tell I like doing projects and assignments.  I love the practicality of it as this is a stepping stone or in other words a development/ insight to what the real world of working in the IT/ Engineering industry will require from you as an individual.  It is very important and necessary for you to do well or at least try to do well now.  Make all the mistakes whilst you’re still learning.  This will be beneficial to you in the long run when you’re out working in the industry, you’ll never make the same mistakes again.

In addition to the projects and assignments, I’ve got a few exams to take next year May/June (2013) for some modules of my course.  I’ll see how they go. 

To be honest, I found it hard on my first day to get back into the normalities of writing notes, reading so many thick books; related to my course and modules and, paying attention to the lectures.  The summer break had a part to play on this fault.  Over the days however, I have been fine with everything.  My head is back on study mode.  No more partying and feeling like I’m still on holiday.  It’s time to get back to work.

This year shall be a really good year.  Especially as there are new editions to my course- in a few of my modules, it should be interesting.  Before I go, I just have to tell you the good news regarding my second year timetable: I have ‘two days’ off.  That means I only have to go into university on three days.  More time to myself or hanging out with friends in the library- STUDYING!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

End of summer 2012; beginning of a new year at university

Summer 2012 has been very eventful.  Exciting things have happened as you all know the Olympics in London being a major factor.  I have had such a brilliant summer.  Now that it is drawing to an end, it is sad in some way but I’m quite excited to go back to university and start learning again.  There are a lot of new things in store to be learnt.  It has been a very long summer but I’m not complaining.  A few highlights of my summer were: going on holiday with one of my close friends from university to Denmark for a week.

 We decided to go to the beach in Denmark on a slightly rainy and cold day.  Turned out to be a good day overall.  Had the chance to interact with the people and adapt to the culture in Denmark.  Even saw cute ducks.

Another fantastic highlight of the summer was definitely the London 2012 Olympics.  As I was supporting mainly Jamaica and Great Britain, it was a delight to see the medals being awarded to the well-deserved Olympians.

Despite the weather this summer, I have attended a few BBQs and have had two of my own; which turned out well.  It was great to hang out with my friends and family again back home.  I’m going to miss them all even more now when I move back to Medway for university.

Apart from having lots of fun hanging out with friends and family, I worked with the university as a steward at the graduation ceremonies and recently worked as a clearing telephone assistant in the call centre.  It was my first time working with the university and I must say they were really good jobs to do.  I recommend applying for university jobs.  It looks good on your CV and there is a possibility of regular work especially during term times.

Now, preparing myself for the second year of university, I planned to read up on a few elements that will be in my new modules.  I even went to the library to look for books during my busy summer vacation.  That’s what I call dedication to work towards my goal in life.

I feel almost ready for lectures and lab work to commence.  All I need to do is prepare my mind and get back into the swing of things.  Second year of university will be fun just like the first year but probably slightly harder.  It’s a challenge I’m willing to overcome.

For any more information, please follow me.  There’s more interesting things to come.  Hoping the summer has been good for you and your new year at university will be exciting.