About Me

Hello, Danielle here…

My name is Danielle and I am a second year student studying Computer Systems and Software Engineering at University of Greenwich (Medway campus).  I live with my parents permanently but during term times I move back to Medway.

So, what can I say about myself? Well, I’m friendly, polite, respectful and an easy-going person.  I wouldn’t say I’m too laid back but my mum would probably disagree.  Anyway, I describe myself as a down to earth person who is very reliable and there whenever I’m needed.


My interests are: reading, programming, music, poetry, baking, sports (mainly athletics and basketball), and fashion = shopping!!! Every girl I know loves at least a bit of shopping.

Why University of Greenwich?

University of Greenwich is a good university.  I heard wonderful things about it so I decided to apply to it.  I first looked at the description of the course offered that I wanted to do and it just reassured me that I wanted to study that course at University of Greenwich.  The description made it more straight-forward in deciding what university to call and apply to.  Once I got the place on that course at University of Greenwich, I was very excited.  It was a start in my progression towards my future career.

Choosing University of Greenwich was a good choice in the end as the course best tailors my ability as well as pushes me in the right direction for a successful career in the IT industry.  It not only fills my brain with knowledge but allows me to work for a year in the related job sector that I want to go into.

Life is great.  To find out more about me and what I’m up to please don’t hesitate to follow me and read my blogs.

Thank you for reading, I hope I’ve entertained you and you’re still awake after this.  Enjoy!! J


  1. Hello, i'm a BIT(top up) student of the University of Greenwich. I was wondering if you could please help me get in contact with some BIT students in the computing and information technology department . I need some help with some modules and this cant be done without sharing ideas with some current students

    1. Hello, thank you for your post. I will try to get in touch with some people for you to talk to. You will make a lot of friends within your course, I am sure of that.

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